Steel Frame Industrial Storage Tent 10m x 12m x 3m/5,70m Gazebo


10m x 12m x 3m/5,70m 

PRICE: £9,272.00 + VAT

Durable and suitable for a variety of uses. This design is perfect storage for wood, building materials, or industrial, agricultural machinery and tools. It’s also a great storage for your car or sports equipment, gym equipment, boat, bikes, garden furniture, and more. All items you want to guard against difficult weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow moisture, and dirt, will benefit from the use of our Industrial Storage Tent.

The tent’s side-wall tarpaulin can be opened up and/or closed down in any desired configuration giving you a number of flexible options for additional access points on top of already present gates/doorways. Pease note: the side walls need to be closed down while not in use particularly in strong wind conditions.



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In order to protect your items, ARCTIC construction is particularly strong and durable. 720 g/m² PVC withstands winter weather conditions and is UV resistant. It is designed to withstand temperatures between -40 to +60 degrees Celsius and therefore is a true year-round solution. Construction made of galvanized steel is a heavy-duty, year-round extra durable construction.


Construction Type ARCTIC
Width 10 m
Length 12 m
Side height 3 m
Ridge height 5,70 m
Area 120 m²
Volume 522,21 m3
Sections 2
Roof cover PVC 720 g/m² F72
Side cover PVC 720 g/m² F72
Frame Steel frame
Gate no. 1 dimensions Entry F72

width 4,9m x height 3,87m

Gate no. 2 dimensions Entry F72

width 4,9m x height 3,87m

Doorway 1 and 2 width 1,2 m x height 2 m



  • Galvanized steel construction with main construction and connectors made of Ø78mmsteel tubes. Tube wall thickness – ca. 1,6 mm.
  • Through screws with a reliable connection.
  • Connector diameter ca. 78 mm. Connector thickness ca. 1,7 mm.
  • Foot sizes 30 cm x 30 cm + corner foot sizes 30cm x 40 cm.
  • Increased wind and snow resistance.
  • Reinforced construction.

Roof and Walls Tarpaulin:

  • Durable PVC 720 g/m² F72 roof and walls cover (similar to the one used on lorries).
  • UV resistant (withstanding temperatures between -40 to +60 degrees Celsius).
  • Air control system preventing condensation.
  • Sidewalls equipped with retention apron.


Surface types suitable to assemble on

  • Grass, Concrete, Ground, Paving, Slabs, Stone Gravel


  • The tent will be packed in multiple boxes

Combined total weight: 1,130.05kg