COMPLIANT modular building Portable Office Showroom Classroom Marketing Suite







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COMPLIANT modular building Portable Office Showroom Classroom Marketing Suite



The Leak Test by KC Cabins Solutions


The Compliant Modular system is so called because it can be built to comply with building regulations including L1 and SBem standards, as well as meeting energy efficiency and   insulation. Included in the price –> Air source heat pumps. 


£266,250.00 100% payment in full up front 


 £290,850.00 40% on order,55% on delivery,5% 14 days after hand over


!!!! All our prices include delivery and assembly in UK Mainland !!!!

  • BUSINESS ENERGY SAVINGS By implementing energy efficiency projects, our customers save money on energy wastage.
  • BUILT TO LAST To construct longer lasting modular building our developers and architects engineer more robust buildings with thicker, stronger materials designed to stand the test of time and weather.
  • SPEED Due to the nature of modular structures, groundworks and foundations are completed while modules are manufactured off site meaning your project can be delivered on average 10 weeks time.
  • 90% LESS WASTE Reduced waste off-site construction generates up to 90% less waste than traditional on site construction metod.
  • MINIMAL IMPACT on your business. Off site construction removes 80% of the construction activity away from the actual site location – so you can keep you running smoothly with minimal impact and disruption.
  • ATTRACTIVE BESPOKE DESIGN innovative and practical design, using the best quality sustainable building materials, our constructions are an extremely attractive.
  • PORTABLE Easier To Expand and Can Be Relocated.