Mobile Houses

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SPA Houses

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Sanitary Modules

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Modular Construction

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Outdoor examples


1a.-Modular-Construction-example-4 1a.-Modular-Construction-example-9 1e.-Mobile-Houses-example 1l.-Mobile-Houses-example-with-interior 1d.-Mobile-Houses-example 1.-Mobile-Houses-main 1h.-Mobile-Houses-example 1f.-Mobile-Houses-example 1j.-Mobile-Houses-example-a 1l.-Mobile-Houses-example 1.-Sanitary-module-main 1n.-Mobile-Houses-example 1a.-Modular-Construction-example-1 1a.-Modular-Construction-example-12

Finishing examples


Ready to move in structures. Perfect for both commercial and private use.

In this offer we make static caravans, which are a great option for holiday accommodation and can be used by both commercial companies for the purpose of the holiday rentals as well as for private use. Our static caravans are ready to move-in, furnished structures. Latest designs are added regularly. Please contact us for further details and/or quote.