K C Solution are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of finance options to assist with their customers’ Portable office and kiosk purchases. Follow the link to our finance option page https://ideal4finance.com/kcc *

Improve Cashflow

Your complete purchase can be delivered and operational without the need for capital expenditure. Have what you need today with no cash outlay.

Retain Credit Lines

Keep existing banking arrangements, credit lines and cash free for uses that are more appropriate. Note our finance facilities cannot be withdrawn like overdraft facilities. Use bank funding for working capital to maintain a healthy business.

Simplify Budgeting

Payments are fixed throughout the term of the agreement enabling accurate and simple budgeting and forecasting. Bank facilities are generally related to interest rates, which is fine when they are low but can cripple cashflow when they increase.
Let the Equipment Pay for Itself

Enable the finance payments to coincide with the benefits of having the new equipment as they start to appear. You wouldn’t pay all your staff costs up front so pay for the equipment as you gain the benefits, not before.

Keep Up to Date

Combat obsolescence problems or requirement changes as the equipment can be supplemented or upgraded at any time in the future. Have what you really need to do the best job for you, not just what your budget limits you to.

Simple Approval in Two Ways

First of all leasing may be classed as a revenue item for budget purposes which may make it easier for you to obtain authorization for the expenditure. Secondly, the approval process only takes one phone call.

To find out more or receive a quotation tailored to your specific requirements contact:
K C Solution on 01782 561 110 OR Origin Business Finance on 01604 926 226