Our affordable option -
Buildings in this offer are based on ISO frames; units can be joined together as well as stacked, meaning larger, up to three-storey high designs are also available, ready to move into, unfurnished, customisable. Our ISO frame buildings have been used by a variety of business types, from offices and marketing suites to temporary hospitals, security gatehouses, and more. Because our buildings are ready to use, you are saving money on the workforce and contractors. Everything is ready to go. The installation is quick and smooth. 

Our ISO frame systems offer include:

office units
Our office units and marketing suites are our best sellers, we, therefore, wanted to make sure that, in our offer, we have variety of products in this range. Our ISO frame system is our affordable option in both of these buildings types

sanitary units
ISO frame systems in our offer also include a variety of sanitary units with a wide range of structures in various layouts. This includes shower units, toiltets and/or both

security gatehouse buildings
Security gatehouse buildings are another affordable option of our ISO frame systems. We offer small, cosy and affordable security gatehouse structures.

ISO frame structures also include a wide variety of other options. We offer single storey and two storey offices in a wide variety of layouts, as well as temporary hospital units and many more.


ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Temporary-hospital-structure-2c ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Temporary-hospital-structure-2d ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Temporary-hospital-structure-2f ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Temporary-hospital-structure-2h ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Temporary-hospital-structure-2g ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Temporary-hospital-structure-2i ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Temporary-hospital-structure-2j ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Large-two-storey-office-building-1g ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Large-two-storey-office-building-1h ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Large-two-storey-office-building-1i ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Temporary-hospital-structure-2 ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Temporary-hospital-structure-2a ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Temporary-hospital-structure-2b ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Large-two-storey-office-building-1a ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Large-two-storey-office-building-1c ISO-Frame-Systems-Other-Large-two-storey-office-building-1b