SWIMMING POOLS - additional offer – we offer shipping container conversions into swimming pools. There are five designs to choose from, two above ground-entry designs and three built-in-entry designs. Our swimming pools can be purchased with added extras.
We are presenting a new addition to our offer – INFINITY POOLS – shipping container swimming pools.
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We are presenting our new offer - INFINITY POOLS; which are swimming pools made of ONE-WAY shipping containers. During the manufacturing process, the container is cut and then reinforced, new structural elements are added. Afterward, the structure is secured with anticorrosive coating materials and painted with polyurethane paints to ensure the lasting structure of the pool.
The next step is to isolate the interior of the pool. Materials used to do that ensure both smooth interior surface and good thermal insulation. Finally, the interior of the pool is lined with the use of RENOLIT pool liner. The final product is your dream swimming pool ready to be installed in your garden. INFINITY POOLS are generally customised in 5 variants of designs. They could be categorised into two groups, above-ground pool entry, and built-in pool entry.

In the offer, you will find the above-ground entry pools. The above-ground designs are INFINITY 2 and INFINITY 3. Both of these designs are equipped with built-in stairs to ensure easy access to the pool.
Above-ground pools are a good solution in the smaller gardens. A smaller garden may generally be more difficult to organise access to. All you need to do here is ground-level preparation, preferably done via concrete slab, access to water, and electricity. With minimum preparation, these pools are pretty much plug-and-play. Once delivered and plugged in, it’s enough to add water and the pool is ready to use. Due to the pool construction, the water level will be at a height of about 1.5m above the ground, the depth of the water inside the pool is 115cm (with the option of upgrading to 135cm for the additional cost).

In the offer, you will also find built-in entry pools. The built-in designs are INFINITY 1, INFINITY 4, and INFINITY 5. These pools are often installed next to the patio, decking area or a similar structure that enables entry to the pool from the same level area. This means, there may be the need for more preparations on-site prior to installation of the pool but these designs are often the preferred choice for those who want to have a maximum impact on their outdoor design choices. This also enables easy access to the pool and various options for incorporating the pool into the landscaping. In these designs, there is no need for the outside stairs meaning you are saving the area of the pool, maximizing the water surface. The pools are pretty much plug-and-play. Once delivered and plugged in, it’s enough to add water and the pool is ready to use. The depth of the water inside the pool is 115cm (with the option of upgrading to 135cm for the additional cost).
Size in standard – 6m x 2.4m
Depth in standard – 115cm (with the option of upgrading to 135cm; for further details please see the price list)
  • White LED lamp

  • Premium Quality Trex USA Composite decking

  • Speck circulation pump and an IML sand filter

  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 2000 pool liner

  • Pool cleaning accessories kit

  • Depending on the selected model, pool stairs or a ladder

  • Stainless steel skimmer

  • Two inlet nozzles

  • Vacuum cleaner suction nozzle

  • Bottom suction nozzle

  • Machine room fittings made of glued PVC


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