The research conducted by various research teams and the reports of people using the oxygen sessions in the chamber indicates that regular visits can positively impact various aspects related to the well-being and functioning of the body.


We sell normobaric chamber structures that are fully equipped and ready to use for oxygen therapy sessions:

  • For those who plan to invest in their long-term health.
  • For those who are in search of comfort and privacy.
  • For those who are in search of the guarantee of quality and reliability and premium products.
  • For those who are searching for the latest achievements in technology and science.


• Recovery support after strokes and heart attacks
• Supporting cancer treatment and recovery after chemotherapy
• Reduction of scars after injuries or surgeries
• Supporting chronic diseases treatment: Lyme disease, asthma, diabetes, allergies
• Supportive treatment of depression
• Enhancing immune system
• Improvement of blood circulation and blood pressure
• Supportive recovery from carbon monoxide and cyanide poisoning
• Reduction of obstructions of the reticular arteries
• Facilitation breathing with difficulties resulting from asthma and allergies
• Reduction of tiredness
• Supportive treatment of necrotizing infections
• Supporting recovery after serious brain damage
• Support for the treatment of vascular dementia
• Reduction of migraine headaches
• Support for the treatment of dermatological diseases


• Improvement of physical performance
• Supportive recovery from sport injuries
• Impacts the body and mind as natural doping
• Acceleration of regeneration after training
• Increase of ATP levels
• Supporting the disappearance of the DOMS effect and sourdoughs
• Reduction of swellings after injuries
• Metabolism improvement
• Reduction of inflammations


• Slowing down the process of aging
• Supporting reduction of cellulite
• Skin firming
• Improvement of nails condition
• Supportive recovery after aesthetic treatments
• Enhancing the production of collagen and elastin


Ekonstal is the sole manufacturer that provides normobaric chambers produced with fully standardized production process. The process based
on verified procedures implemented as part of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, supervised by the UDT Cert.
The safety of normobaric low-pressure chamber is guaranteed by the declaration of conformity marked with CE. In addition, it is also guaranteed
by the manufacturer’s compliance with national requirements in terms of fire protection and construction. The chambers are manufactured and tested in accordance to European standards. In addition, the Ekonstal’s normobaric chambers, as the only ones in Poland, were tested by a team of scientists from the Faculty of Medicine at the Collegium Medicum of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. The results of these studies confirmed the health-promoting aspects of using the chamber


A normobaric chamber is a certified device designed to create perfect atmosphere conditions for the human organism's recovery and life. The innovative, fully automated system provides the precise atmosphere's parameters: pressure up to 1500hPa, doubled consistency of oxygen, consistency of carbon dioxide increased by seventy times and consistency of hydrogen increased by twenty thousand times in relation to earth's atmosphere.

Steel tank perched on two feet. Insulated with mineral wool 100 mm and aluminium sheet. External coat - painted with epoxy paint. Internal coat - certified by PZH. Supporting structure for walls, ceiling and floor. Windows adjusted to work in higher pressure. The tank is equipped with external doors and internal doors. A device is equipped with a system that maintains the precise atmosphere’s parameters inside.

Requirements for installation: hardened ground for foundations, electricity 25 kV, • Ø20 water connection, minimum pressure 3.5 bar, Ø110 sewage system


Control panels with displays presenting internal parameters. Panels enable to perform
compression and decompression in the pressure lock
Air conditioning
Redox water dispenser - water saturated with active hydrogen
Audio equipment (i.a. speakers, TV)
Overhead lights
Manually reclining chairs with cup holders (RELAX section) and automatically reclining
chairs with massage function, cooling cup holders, charging socket for a phone or a
laptop, a reading lamp and an adjustable tray table (VIP section)
Internal doors between rooms in a chamber (i.a. to toilet)
Comprehensively equipped toilet inside with an automatic sewage discharge system
Walls with graphic print
White ceiling
High-quality, certified vinyl floor with high resistance to abrasion and dirt


• Chamber’s type selection - standard (cylindrical; engine room in a separate
building/room) or container solution (engine room and a chamber
in a container)
• Capacity selection: in commercial use - chamber size according to table „Types of
normobaric chambers” (p.2), in case of an individual use - capacity for 4 or 6 people
• Selection of an exterior door location
• Selection of a wall graphic print
• Selection of a type and colour of chairs
• Selection of chair number in particular sections
• Selection of vinyl floor colour
• Optional - installation of an additional equipment and adjusting interior
design e.g. as a bedroom
• Optional - decontaminators - used for air purification inside
of the chamber