KC Cabins Solutions Ltd specializes in providing modular and portable buildings, cabins, and units. With great, modern designs and meticulous attention to detail, our modular buildings are energy efficient and built with high-quality materials. For More Details, A No Obligation Quote, Or Advice Ideas, fill in our contact form or Call Us On 01782 561 110

  • In this offer, we include a wide variety of residential and garden structures. The buildings range from ready structures to more DIY projects for you to finalize. A variety of residential or guest house type structures to garden office type spaces.
  • The flat-pack structures, also included in this offer, are generally non-customizable in terms of exterior and size, made to be erected by the client, based on a wooden frame, once erected the interior will be an empty shell, the building will need finishing including plumbing, electrics, painting and decorating, customizable interiors via furnishing/decorating by the client.

For more information on our Residential and Garden Structures fill in our contact form or Call Us On 01782 561 110. 


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