LIDO FERMACELL | Mobile Home | Leisure Home 12-16 weeks delivery


Lido 2 12,466×4,06

electric heating + boiler 80L + Preparation for

Aircon 1+1

Additional roof insulation ALU FOX,

Additional floor insulation – Winter Fox

Additional wall insulation ALU FOX,

Kerrafront facade is a revolution in modern cladding; weather-resistant and requires no maintenance once fitted. Its locking structure improves insulation while still allowing air to circulate through it, preventing damp and mould. Vox’s premium external cladding comes without compromise, looking stunning after a quick and easy installation.

Conglomerate sink

45 cm dishwasher with socket and connections

Kitchen furniture LED lighting

Built-in washer-dryer

Cargo bin for waste segregation under the sink

Sofa bed – sleeping function

Electric fireplace 23″ 1400W

coffee table

4x Chrome Chairs, 

Under Cabinets LED Lights in bedrooms

set of decorative pillows


LED – large headboard

LED mirror lighting

set of poufs

The colour of the window’s anthracite, 

2x beds 80×200

bed 160×200





🍑 This mobile home is inspired by the original Italian style, reflecting the nature of timeless luxury. The house has an extraordinary shape and combines traditional elegance, and modern design and will deliver a cosy atmosphere. The home will be a perfect choice for all lovers of classic and unconventional architectural designs.
12.46m x 4m | 41ft x 13ft
11.66m x 4m | 38ft x 13ft
10.86m x 4m | 37ft x 13ft
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