20 x 8 ISO frame Portable cabin, Office 6-8 weeks delivery


DATE: OFFER: → Walls 60 mm Mineral wool → Floor 100 mm Mineral wool + 22 mm PS chipboard → internal wall finish: chipboard white / Optional upgrade to plasterboard → Ceiling 100 mm Mineral wool Dimensions: Also, our builds are energy efficient and meet the latest standards of the Conservation of fuel and power: Approved Document L. Building regulation in England, please see some key information below: Newcastle-under-Lyme,  The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce changes at any _me regarding the modification of the parameters of materials and product structure with the use of materials with the colours for production in accordance with the PN-EN 10169 and PN-EN 13523-3 standards. Product parameters may be upgraded without before notice by the manufacturer. The product does not meet the requirements for class REI 60, the result means that the structural element can resist fire for one hour regarding load-bearing capacity, integrity, and insulation. PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS: U-VALUES OF THE BUILDING: – as per attached floor plan TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: 0.55 mm galvanized steel sheet 12 mm chipboard insulation levels/materials: provided in quotation 12 mm laminated board, white colour drainage of rainwater through envelope gutters in a container frame with outlet pipes in corner posts vapour barrier made of polyethylene film possibility of stacking up to three floors frame colour – chosen by the client ROOF: Layered roof construction: – internal height: 2500 mmm container steel construction in EXC2 class according to PN EN 1090-1. Made of cold-bended profiles, joined by welding according to PN EN ISO 3834-2. The product has CE marking, steel frame abrasive blast cleaned to Sa2.5 according to PN EN IS0 8501-1 in a closed blasting chamber, spray-painted in a spray booth and dried in a cabin-dryer, transport handles (according to ISO standards) located in the corners, Standardized roof snow load SK=1,6 kN/m² WALLS: Outer: replaceable panels with layered construction wooden framework from outside, a trapezoidal sheet of colour of your choose insulation levels/material – provided in the quote polyethylene film on the inside 12 mm laminated chipboard white FLOOR: layered floor: floor finish: 2 mm PCV grey colour lining floor, welded at joints & PCV floor strips in grey colour, in an office container: P5 chipboard 22 mm, in a sanitary container: 22 mm cement bonded particleboard, polyethylene film, insulation levels/material – provided in the quote 0.5 mm galvanized T-8 trapezoidal sheet in a sanitary container floor covering, without a floor strip, floor load capacity 200 kg / m2. DOORS: MODULE FRAME: white PVC tilt&turn in white colour (according to the drawing), insulated glass units with U=1.1W/m2xK, WINDOWS IN THE SANITARY CONTAINER: A glazed single door, dimensions: 1150mmX2000MM (according to the drawing) thermally insulated, equipped with a lock, lock cylinder & three keys, signboards, door handles earthing of the container frame by a wire fastened with an M10 screw. INSTALLATION IN A SANITARY CONTAINER: water system: surface mounted made of PP pipes, fittings and welded pipes, adjusted to the PRESSURE OF 0.45 MPa, in a sanitary container, 12MOD fuse board, in an office container, 8MOD fuse board, power system: 230V sockets (according to the drawing), lighting system: fixture luminaries, IP65 protection class, with 2x16W lamps (according to the drawing) external connection of the installation based on a 5x32A socket and power plug, PVC swing in a white colour (according to the drawing), Matt insulated glass units with U = 1,1 W/m2xK, ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: electrical, flush-mounted installation (surface mounted sockets and switches), WINDOWS IN THE OFFICE CONTAINER: surface sewerage system made of PVC pipes. Leading installation in the wall, equipment: according to the drawing. VENTILATION: ventilation fan and exhaust grates (according to the drawing) HEATING: convector electric heater (according to the drawing) ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: additional equipment (according to the drawing) THE OFFER DOES NOT INCLUDE: Preparation and hardening of the area, Lightning rods and grounding installation, Fire protection systems and alarms, Computer and telephone installation, Electrical measurements, External electrical and plumbing connections, Architectural project (provided on request), D Elements not described in the offer. GENERAL TERMS OF COOPERATION Delivery time: to be confirmed when placing the order, Payment terms: to be agreed upon, General warranty conditions: 24 months on the conditions specified in the Contractor’s warranty card.