Building Control and Regulations

Purchasing new portable building will involve dealing with the subject of building control. The subject which may seem daunting at first. After all, a new built is an exciting endeavour and it would be lovely to focus on designing and planning the aesthetical and practical side of a new office/shop/reception area etc. Planning all the fun features is generally preferable pursuit. However, other than fun, with the new building appear certain new responsibilities. We hope to convince you that with the right approach, the subject of building control does not need to be daunting.

There are two main aspects you need to be aware of regarding building control. First one is the knowledge on where to find a building control team. The second one is the knowledge on what the main job of building control is.

You can deal with finding building control team in three different ways. First option is to enquire at your local council. They can provide a building control team for you. Second option would be to use private building control team’s services. Finally, when purchasing a building from us, there is the third option. Because we cooperate with local private building control company, we can provide building control services for you. This option is most frequently chosen by our clients.

Once the choice of building control team is sorted, the rest is quite easy. The rest is mainly to follow the building control team’s advice.

Building control team’s job is focused on safety. The team works in three steps, checking the plans of the building prior assembly followed by physically checking the building after assembly and finally certifying building as safe to use.

In order to make sure that building complies with building regulations, building control team will advise on changes to the building in order to improve its safety. Their inspections are including subjects of fireproofing, fire escapes, ventilation, regulations regarding toilets and more. The requirements are set for particular structures and plenty will depend on the type of building you choose as well as location of the building. First of all, it is important to know how large the structure will be, the distance to other buildings and what will be the use of the new building. Customers coming inside the building as well as number of people working in the building on a daily basis are important factors as well. Building control team needs to determine which requirements need to be met for each building.

Right at the start of the ordering process, we make sure to ask our clients many important questions in regards to the building. This is in order to minimize additional costs and changes. Some of the most important questions are regarding building location and its use. As discussed above, we need to know what is the area around the building as well as the exact building positioning. Modular buildings can be moved to a different location and yet there are certain aspects of building architecture which may need to be adjusted or changed in certain areas. There may be the need for additional fireproofing or additional structural changes, depending on the building use and its location. We will need to take it into consideration whether additional safety requirements are to be dealt with.

Building control team will advise on the requirements. Prior building assembly the team will advise looking at the building plans. After the building assembly, building control team will visit the building site and advise whether the requirements have been met. At this point, the team may still advise on small additions to be added to the building, items such as mirrors in the toilets, glass manifestation etc., depending on the building. Items such as these can be added after the building assembly.

Finally, building control team certifies the building as safe to use under UK standards.

As you can see, the subject of building control doesn’t need to be daunting. You will have the assistance of our team and/or building control team’s through the whole process. If you feel that you would like to know more, we advise you to read through building regulation requirements or inquire at building control office.

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