Insulated Lodge

Made in a factory our modular buildings are delivered to the site ready to use with smaller buildings being delivered in one piece and larger in two or more. But those rules apply to our standard products based on the steel construction and sandwich panel walls and there are many ways of using prefabrication. In the building industry, prefabrication saves time and money. With all the components being produced off-site, there are also other benefits. The number of options when using prefabricated materials is what drives our thinking as building providers.

A New Idea

Present in our everyday conversations, our top subjects are new ideas and new creations with the use of prefabricated materials. We are always excited to include something new and recently this is exactly what we have been doing.

Our insulated lodge, which is a flat-pack building kit, is one of our new products. Created with the use of a wooden frame and SIP panel walls, this structure can serve multiple purposes. It could be used as an office space, guest house, garden room, relaxation area, and more.

How the Lodge Kit is Prepared?

The insulated lodge kit includes all the elements required to assemble the structure as a building shell. By all the elements we mean not only structural elements (made with certified C24 timber) and SIP wall panels but we also mean screws, membranes, sealants, and more. For the building assembly, we attach detailed instructions explaining every construction phase. All the elements needed for the assembly are carefully prefabricated by a qualified team of professionals and quality controlled as well as numbered during the production stage process. This helps with the overall build and once again proves prefabrication being the time and money saver in comparison to the traditional building methods. The time spent in the factory during the prefabrication processes significantly reduces your work and cost on-site.

Lodge Unloading and Construction

Some of the larger elements of the insulated lodge kit will weigh up to a maximum of 62kg therefore for the unloading you will need extra people to carry the weight. Experienced builders could build this lodge in 6 days, while a team of people with basic construction knowledge should be able to do it in 10-12 days. Based on that, for the construction of the lodge, it is your decision whether you hire contractors or prefer to gather a team of DIY lovers who want to help. No matter who you decide to choose for the job, the important elements of the process is to carefully follow the construction instructions included.

Lodge Finishing Touches

As previously mentioned, the kit includes all the elements needed to assemble the building as a building shell only. This means that the electrical installation, plumbing, and other finishes, such as painting and decorating, are not included in the kit. These need to be finalized separately. It does mean though that you have full control over the decorative elements as well as furnishing. Whatever the chosen purpose of the insulated lodge, with the use of stylish finishing touches, you will be able to adapt it to your desired use, which will highlight the modern design of the structure.

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