Site Preparation /concrete base/

There is a site preparation requirement prior delivery of a modular building. This requirement is ground base preparation. The purpose of this is mainly to level the ground/surface present. During the process of ordering and designing a building, we advise each client on the subject of ground base preparation. The client decides on the type of base he/she wants to choose so that architect can advise on what is needed. Depending on the size and the type of the building chosen, we will always advise on the options. There are different types of ground base preparation under construction of a modular building. We would like to discuss some of the most popular choices among our clients as well as discuss our own preferences;

– concrete base

– concrete blocks

– jackpads/easypads

– plastic building base (often referred to as summer house base or shed base)

Today, we will talk about concrete base which can be used as a ground base preparation under our portable cabins. The concrete base is our favorite choice of ground base preparation and we often recommend it to our clients. The main reason for that is the reliability of concrete base. We need to remember that weight of an empty building is spread out evenly at first, but as soon as we put furniture in, some areas within the building interior will be holding more weight and naturally putting more stress onto the foundation. This is completely natural but if for any reason, the foundation is not leveled properly, we may start noticing problems such as difficulties with shutting windows and doors. Particularly if the construction is to be undertaken on a soft ground, large slab of concrete base will prevent building foundation settlement on any of the sides resulting in preventing mentioned problems. If prepared in the right manner, the conrete base is a very stable and safe ground. When the ground base is looked at, discussed with our architect and prepared in the right manner, all potential problems with building settlement will be avoided.

Our architect will advise not only on the size and depth of the concrete slab needed but also on the class of the concrete to be used. Our client can then choose a local contractor to prepare ground base under the building and after that, we can deliver our portable building on site.

It is important to remember that you need to allow extra time for preparation of a concrete base. A contractor will use reinforcing metal mesh to hold the concrete together and then pour the concrete in, leveling the ground. Concrete will then start drying. Not only the job itself takes time but drying takes time as well, depending on the size of the building. A typical concrete base will dry for about two weeks but as already mentioned, a drying process is dependent on different factors. Particularly when low temperatures are present, we may be forced to wait longer.

There is another reason why our clients often choose concrete base instead of other ground base preparation options. While some may say concrete is not an aesthetically appealing material, when using it as your base you will not have to worry about gaps left under the structure.

If required there is also a possibility to construct concrete base together with concrete stairs and/or disable ramp. Other design ideas and requirements on the outside of the building can also be fulfilled with the use of concrete slabs if needed. 

A concrete base may seem slightly more difficult in terms of preparation when compared to other available ground base preparation methods. It is definitely more time-consuming. When prepared in the right manner though, a concrete base is a safe, long-term ground base solution. It allows you to design outside of the building as you may require and it may even turn out to be irreplaceable at times.

Even though a concrete base is a versatile and safe option it is of course not the only option and there are many who will want to fight against it. We will, therefore, be discussing other ground base preparation options in future articles.

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