Petite Buildings

We receive diverse requests for our buildings, varying greatly from one to another. An example could be a warehouse which requires an order of a large building, it could be a medium-sized office building, a reception area which may vary in size, it could also be a security lodge or kiosk which would most likely require a petite building. Therefore, our designs vary in order to accommodate clients’ needs not only aesthetically but also practically. Our buildings’ sizes are strictly adapted to clients’ requirements. Accommodating clients’ needs regards, of course, a variety of solutions regarding the building interior as well. Some clients may simply require an empty shell of a building while others will have a specific request regarding, for instance, the number of rooms, floor finish, and presence of certain equipment inside the building such as toilet or kitchen for instance.

When a client decides to choose a petite structure instead of a larger one, his/her decision may be partially based on one or more basis. It can be that the petite structure fits the type of building they want or it may be that the client doesn’t have a necessity for a large structure and simply wants to save some cash. Often though, this decision is simply dictated by the lack of space on the potential building site. Whatever the reason for having to order a petite structure, doing so may be a challenging endeavour. Even though the building is petite, the client still expects it to fulfill a number of needs. It is physically more difficult to fit the necessary equipment to a smaller structure and sometimes either compromise or a unique solution is needed.

The examples of the two buildings we are showing today are both aesthetically pleasing and practically fulfilling needs of our clients, proving that petite buildings can be beautiful and practical as much as a larger structure.

Yes, fulfilling practical needs may be a challenge and yet, in most cases, it is doable. We are here to advise on possible solutions. Petite buildings can and will perform a practical role fitting in more practical solutions that you may originally expect. We are here to advise on those.

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