While Waiting

All companies everywhere have their own responses to the current situation. We have ours, we work from home too. Other than practical day to day work schedule, here, we would like to consider doing things in general while adjusting to the situation as it stands, not only considering our Modular Buildings but also considering general day to day life.

Since many people have been told to work from home now and we’re spending all this time in separation from others, we are now, waiting. And waiting can be exhausting, to some, more than to others, but still exhausting. This situation demands an answer to the following question, ‘how can we ease the waiting?’ or more correctly ‘how can we change our focus onto something other than waiting?’.  That is not an easy question to answer as with waiting comes anticipation and anticipation may trigger anxious response. This anxious response will most likely leave us wanting to do things. And we can’t. We must wait.

This is not to be meant as analysis, after all, feelings and behaviours analysis is a job for the experts. And all we are thinking of today is how to adjust to the new situation for the time being. Meaning ourselves, our clients, and all the other people out there. Coming back to focus on a simple conclusion to the above trail of thoughts. So ‘[…] anxious response will most likely leave us wanting to do things. And we can’t. We must wait.’ This answer is not entirely true is it? We can still do things, under certain restrictions, yes, but we still can. Therefore, we do not have to wait, or at least not entirely. The things we can do may not be the things we would normally do. This might be a bit straining exercise to force ourselves doing things we wouldn’t normally be doing but it might as well be our best answer to the above question. ‘How can we change our focus onto something other than waiting?’, the simple answer would therefore be, ‘By doing all sorts of things, including things we wouldn’t normally do’. And by doing things, we mean relaxing and doing nothing too.

Sounds easily done, but of course, many of us will find ourselves ending up browsing through the Internet as the simplest solution. Sometimes finding some good stuff there, while also potentially ending up reading about the same subject we are all talking about everywhere, the same subject we are all stuck at home for, the same subject which we are purposefully not naming in this article, and the same subject we are temporarily wanting to break out from in order to keep our senses. Reading news and staying on top of things is important but focusing our attention on one subject for 24h a day, 7 days a week, will not going to ease our waiting and end our anticipation.

Let’s go back to thinking about doing things. What could we be doing now? Maybe sitting down in a quiet room, with warm tea, an open window and birds singing outside. Sitting and writing down our ideas on options of things to do. Or maybe, we are not lucky enough to have a quiet room, as we have three children running around the house and we’re struggling to work from home while trying to home school our children and staying sane at the same time. Or maybe we are on our own, and the house is so quiet that indulging in this quietness even further to consider any form of relaxing this way would be a real struggle. Whatever is around us, in order to find some balance, we probably need a little bit of the opposite. And if it’s an illusion of the opposite, because that might be the only thing available at the moment, that’s fine too. There is always something we can do. It may be an uncomfortable change for us to force ourselves into changing the pattern of our day, but it might as well be our best shot. After all, are we not forced already to change the pattern of our day to day life? While we are working on finding new ideas of how to ease the waiting, we must remember, that in order to do it well, we will probably find ourselves asking the same question more than once this week or at least trying to find more than one solution and juggle between the few.

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