Green Wall

Modular buildings could be defined as custom-made, contemporary architectural structures. A client may influence the design process in a number of ways, depending on his/her needs. The final design then forms a unique custom-made structure. An appearance of a finished building will depend on its purpose and can be individualized further with the use of decorative panels to make it more unique, as requested by the client. Alternatively, the type of design can be chosen from one of our standard options meaning that a building shell will have less customization and when compared to our other structures will look more similar. The building in standard design can still be prominent in comparison to other structures. There is also a number of ways in which you can individualize your building further, one of our favourite subjects explored here on this blog.

Our attention for today goes to introducing green wall into a building interior, and particularly a visual effect of such change. The benefits are many, with some of the most impressive ones being health benefits. We have discussed the general subject of indoor plant-scaping on our blog previously. We then spoke of Bill Wolverton’s research into the air quality of building interiors. Air quality is positively affected by the use of plants to the point of clearing the air and improving its quality by getting rid of negative compounds. Additionally, plants also have a positive, calming effect on our emotions. If you would like to know more about Wolverton’s research, you can view this blog post here

Going back to the visual impact of a green wall in a building interior; a wall such as this could be introduced on a smaller section of a larger existing wall or could cover a full-sized wall. The final effect can be controlled by you in terms of its richness. It could be subtle and discreet, a small amount of greenery on a white wall expanded in time, highlighting the beauty of greenery and the pureness of white colour of the wall. It could also be a full-sized green wall, rich and comforting, bringing nature closer to you, right where you work.

There are more benefits to having a green wall. Modifying an existing wall into green space is one of the least expensive and most exciting changes you can introduce in your building interior design. A wall such as this could work as a space divider, dividing the larger area into smaller sections. All divided sections would then benefit from the use of plants.  A full-size green wall would be the main feature of the interior. Imagine a wall like this in your office. The positive impact will be felt by everyone working in the space as well as by the visiting clients. Introducing a green wall into a building interior could therefore be seen as a long-term solution worth investing in.

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