Adjusting to Trade During the Times of Social Distancing

For a while now, since we are faced with the new normal, we are obligated to adjust to changes around us. The impact of all the changes depends on the type of business you’re in, a café, an office, a car rental service, a car garage, and so on. Among different rules, accommodating social distancing is one of the most common challenges we are now facing. Whatever your current solution to this challenge is, today we are hoping to offer an idea for an improvement to your modular building or, in fact, any other building’s outdoor space.

When we think of social distancing, we realize how much more space, indoor or outdoor, is needed. In order to accommodate the same number of clients we are used to serving, we are challenged to either create double queues, more sitting areas, or figure out some other bespoke solution. And suddenly the outdoor space has become more important than ever. Whether it’s to add tables outside the café, add queuing space for clients, create meeting area or serving space and queue for a pass-through window, the outdoor space helps greatly during this difficult time.

And yet, as the summer ends, temperatures drop and the weather becomes more difficult to predict, you may start feeling nervous about maintaining outdoor services or even having your clients to queue outside. Let’s face it, how many clients will want to stay in queues when the rain is pouring down on their heads and the wind becomes significantly cooler. Ideally, you may hope for more indoor space to accommodate this change, however, what if this isn’t an option? Consider other methods of updating your surroundings, such as investing in a canopy.

A canopy could be of different sizes and shapes. If you would like, a canopy can become an additional space, an open outdoor room. A modular building with a canopy can be designed to fit your needs. Most importantly though, a canopy could guard your clients against rain and wind. An outdoor space, if nicely decorated, can be very inviting. And because it is outside, it is instantly visible to the clients. This creates an even more inviting feeling.

Additionally, when it comes to indoor spaces, these are still a worry to many people. Clients may feel uneasy to enter indoor space. Therefore, again, having an open outdoor space, achieved by installing a simple canopy, may have a positive effect on a number of clients wanting to use the services. The type of decorations you choose such as light, furniture, or signage, will all improve the look of your business. Even if you want your canopy to be small and simple, and only to guard your clients against weather conditions, it is still an investment that will pay off.

A simple canopy can go a long way to help you maintain your business during this time and past this time too. Investing in a canopy have the potential for a positive visual and practical transformation of your business for years to come no matter the social distancing measures in place.


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