Getting to know KC Cabin Solutions Ltd.

To give you a little bit more insight in getting to know KC Cabin Solutions we would like to share this short video produced at our factory site, giving you a glance on how we make it 

We would also like to introduce Chris, our company director. We asked him for a short chat.

KC Cabins Blog Crew; Hello Chris.

Chris; Hello.

Blog Crew; We would like to ask you few questions about modular buildings.

Chris; Go on.

Blog Crew; Can you tell us in few words, why would you choose modular building and not a traditional structure?

Chris; It’s quicker to build. Construction is strong and safe. It’s quicker and cheaper. Your best option.

Blog Crew; Can you tell us a bit more about construction of modular buildings?

Chris; Modular buildings are pre-engineered units which after manufacturing are transported from the factory to the building site and fitted together on site in order to complete the building. Those types of units are made with the use of steel framing which is light in comparison to traditional structures. This type of construction is strong and durable.

Blog Crew; Strong, durable and yet less expensive than traditional building structure?

Chris; That’s right.

Blog Crew; Can you tell us about modular buildings being quicker and cheaper to build?

Chris; For our modular building, you’ll pay approximately one third of the price of a traditional structure.

Blog Crew; And how fast it is to build one?

Chris; It depends on the job. Approximately speaking though, it’s 50% faster to build modular building in comparison to traditional structure.

Blog Crew; Thank you for this chat Chris.

Chris; Thank you.

Consideration of choosing modular building instead of traditional structure may be a difficult decision. Chris is confident in modular buildings being better option.

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