UK Construction Week 2018

KC Cabins Solutions will be exhibiting at UK Construction Week 2018. The event is in Birmingham and it lasts for three days, from 9th till 11th October 2018. We would like to invite everyone to attend this exciting event.

It is free to attend and consists of nine versatile shows including a Build Show as part of which we are exhibiting. It is the UK’s largest built environment event.

Recently we attended the exhibitors’ open day for the UK Construction Week where we could view the venue. It’s a massive space where numerous exhibitors will be showing their products. It was exciting to view the venue while it is still empty in order to imagine it full of life. The idea of the show has become very real and a lot closer to us. We came back with more inspiration for our stand design which we are working on currently.

In the following link you can find out more information on our stand as well as, explore the UK Construction Week website;

Additionally, the following link will take you to the Facebook site of the UK Construction Week Event

We will be posting more about the event nearer the date. Hope to see you there.

Our Realizations

With one click, you can find all about our previous realizations and see what we have been up to till now. We would like to share it with you. In order to see our map of realizations, you could simply click here or alternatively while visiting our website ( ) open “Realizations” tab.

After opening map of our previous orders, you can view them collectively or separately. When you hover over a realization marked on the map, you will be able to find out details on the location of the cabins. You are also able to get an idea of what type of business, a particular cabin was used for, as well as some information on the clients. Each realization is accompanied by a photo of the cabin which can hopefully give you an idea of the design options. You can clearly distinguish what type of designs different clients settle on. This means that if you are thinking of ordering a cabin from us, our realizations could hopefully serve as a spark for your idea of the design to consider. It is worth remembering that options are many and design is your decision driven by your requirements. We adjust design to your needs. There are certain preferences and classical choices within certain groups of clients which may at times seem similar. If you take a closer look, your imagination into possibilities will open up. Have a look at examples of our orders in Germany, which are variable. Have a look at our clients in the UK which you can locate and see in real life if you wish. Have a look at other locations as well to get an idea where we’ve been. Most importantly though, with our help, you will hopefully be inspired to create your own perfect design of a modular building.

Christmas and Branding

November is a time of year when business owners are starting to think of Christmas, no matter what their personal viewpoint on the subject is. It is simply the next important event on the calendar as soon as Halloween is over. There is a reason for it and it is usually related to either smart branding or based on sales, depending on the business. Other than sales of Christmas related items, there are other important aspects of focusing business attention on Christmas. No matter what age group or marital status your business clients are, creating inviting Christmassy atmosphere may attract customers attention or simply make them feel more welcome.

Is it ethically acceptable to treat Christmas as part of branding though? The answer to this question is not a straightforward one. It depends on personal believes into the meaning of Christmas as well as a personal viewpoint on what branding and advertising should be.

Branding generally represents values which are followed by your business. After determining how you want to be perceived as a business you can present it to your customers through branding. Branding then becomes a mirror image of your business values in your clients’ eyes in order to remember you.

It is important to not confuse branding with advertising. Other than businesses which are selling Christmas related items and are in the position of advertising those items, as a brand, you may want to pursue Christmas branding but not necessarily advertise Christmas.

Whatever your business values and rules are should determine causes you support. This should include the answer to the question of whether to treat Christmas as part of branding or not. If, as a business owner, you do not appreciate the idea of commercializing Christmas and treating it as part of your branding focus, you might still agree that positive working environment could benefit you as well as your employees and for that reason alone you may find it worth considering to acknowledge Christmas. You may possibly decorate your workspace within Christmas spirit or even engage in some sort of Christmas related activity.

You may also believe, just like we do, that Christmas values are worth to be celebrated and for that reason, treat Christmas branding as an appreciation of those values.

Choosing to believe that Christmas spirit is not broken by branding and also believing in the free choice of celebrating Christmas, we decided to celebrate it. There are positive ethical values maintained via Christmas celebration and we keep those values close to our hearts. Branding almost seems like a trivial issue next to true values of life such as love for another human being, family or life itself. At the same time though, if branding can serve as a reminder of those important values, it stands for a positive cause.

Still, we believe in ethical questions staying open. That relates to questions regarding the subject of Christmas branding as well as any other business related matter in fact. Businesses change and when circumstances change, ethical questions need to be asked once again, therefore we are leaving this discussion open.

Getting to know KC Cabin Solutions Ltd.

This week we would like to introduce Kristopher, our company director. We asked him for a short chat.

KC Cabin Solutions Blog Crew; Hello Kris.

Kristopher; Hello.

Blog Crew; We would like to ask you few questions about modular buildings.

Kris; Go on.

Blog Crew; Can you tell us in few words, why would you choose modular building and not a traditional structure?

Kris; It’s quicker to build. Construction is strong and safe. It’s quicker and cheaper. Your best option.

Blog Crew; Can you tell us a bit more about construction of modular buildings?

Kris; Modular buildings are pre-engineered units which after manufacturing are transported from the factory to the building site and fitted together on site in order to complete the building. Those types of units are made with the use of steel framing which is light in comparison to traditional structures. This type of construction is strong and durable.

Blog Crew; Strong, durable and yet less expensive than traditional building structure?

Kris; That’s right.

Blog Crew; Can you tell us about modular buildings being quicker and cheaper to build?

Kris; For our modular building, you’ll pay approximately one third of the price of a traditional structure.

Blog Crew; And how fast it is to build one?

Kris; It depends on the job. Approximately speaking though, it’s 50% faster to build modular building in comparison to traditional structure.

Blog Crew; Thank you for this chat Kris.

Kris; Thank you.

Consideration of choosing modular building instead of traditional structure may be a difficult decision. Kris is confident in modular buildings being better option. To give you a little bit more insight in getting to know KC Cabin Solutions we would like to share this short video produced at our factory site, giving you a glance on how we make it.